ENOAD latest version based on NVMC Schema is version 3.5, contact us for fully functional version for your vessel.

What is ENOAD, eNOA/D eNOA XML File Creator ?

United States Coast Guard (USCG) requires all vessel's entering or leaving US ports , Caricom countries ports or at St. Lawrence seaway must report their arrival and departure notice electronically at least 96 hrs prior arrival or departure as applicable. Although National Vessel Movement Center NVMC website has required forms to be filled which can be submitted online. But most of vessel's do not have internet connection hence this must be completed by either agents or ship owner or managers. NVMC also provides Microsoft InfoPath ENOAD templates which vessel can be used to create XML file and send to NMVC but this method has following main drawbacks:

1. InfoPath is Microsoft's software hence ship owner must buy one license for each computer where enoad xml file will be created. In other words vessel must have at least one license of InfoPath. In case of computer failure, ship staff may not be competent enough to install InfoPath.

2. InfoPath templates are provided by USCG NVMC free of charge but a new templates must be sent to vessel each time there is a change in the template. Approximate size of template is 2 MB, which makes it difficult for it to be send by email to vessel. Which will also cost ship owner a lot of money.

3. In InfoPath template notice ID is not generated automatically and is provided by NVMC after initial notice has been received. (This id looks something like: 58434c81-7d57-4619-9483-205316766c7f). When vessel needs to send an update notice at that time master must re enter notice created date and time and above id to have the update notice registered correctly. This may lead to potential human error while typing compecated GUID and may cause update notice not to be register at correct place. Alternatively agents can submit ENOAD (eNOA/D, enoa) on behalf of vessel but their charges are very high.

There are many third party ENOAD (eNOA/D, enoa) softwares are available in the market but most are not updated regularly ( for example USCG has following new requirements :

A. reporting when arriving Saint Lawrence Seaway - Transit

B. There are new validations
C. How to cancel a notice ( This feature is included only in our software).

Why Should I buy your enoad 3rd party software ?

Our software is very compact in size ( Initial version about 250 KB, and any update versions will be less 100 KB). Compact size makes it very easy to send by email to vessels ( Although our software requires dot net version 2 to be installed but this is already present on most pcs having windows XP/Vista).

License is per vessel ( You can install it on as many pcs as you wish on vessel for which it is registered).

Download version 3.5

Click here to download version 3.5

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